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I want to introduce you to my dog.  She helps me share the gospel with kids.  I know that sounds strange, but when I walk through Romans 6:23 (one-verse evangelism), I always draw the bridge illustration.  I use Ruthie to explain what the word wages means. 

I tell the child that wages means something you earn or deserve.  It’s a grown up word so kids don’t use it.  Have you ever used it? I ask. To which I always hear a “no” answer.  I go on to explain about Ruthie.  She is about this tall, as I gesture with my hand, and she is brown with white places on her face , chest and the tip of her tail.  Let’s say, I am going on a trip (like every weekend), and I ask you to come over and give Ruthie food and water and play with her while I’m gone.  You agree and come over each day while I am away and take good care of her.  When I get back, your job will be done and I will need to pay you.  That payment is a wage.  It is something you earn and deserve.  It’s your wage.  The Bible says the payment or wages of sin is death.

Here’s a pic from when I shared this illustration at camp.  I simply created it on blue construction foam and cut it out with a box knife.  I added some Velcro dots to help stick the pieces to the board behind.  Use clear Velcro so the crowd cannot see it from the stage.  If you’re planning to share something like this in the summer, I recommend you start to make it earlier, rather than later.  It was very useful and the visual is always good with the kids.  I saved it to use again and again.  Let me know if you like this.

Your Friend,

Mr. Mark

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