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Please meet my wonderful team at Mr. Mark’s Classroom.  They are such a blessing to me and I can’t imagine serving with anyone else on this journey!!  I love and appreciate you all very much!
 mark-and-connie Mr. Mark Jones- Mr. Creative

Connie- Beautiful wife that encourages, supports, and keeps him grounded in reality.

 amy-adams Amy- Manager of Mr. Mark’s Classroom is a simple title, but really Amy is a source of amazing creativity, problem solving, encouragement, and support.  She provides leadership with the editorial calendar, speaking engagements, MMC Conferences, product development and comedy as needed.  She is a friend to all and counselor when needed.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Children’s Ministry and currently serves as a Children’s Minister in Oklahoma.



Jodi- Website Content Editor/Scheduler.  Jodi started earlier this year and truly rescued us.  Jodi is married to Justin. She stays very busy homeschooling her twin boys in kindergarten, serving in her church, and teaching computer classes in a vocational school. She has a huge responsibility of scheduling the posts and helping Mr. Mark when he doesn’t make sense.  She has invested lots of time in our Social Media helping us to establish better social media helps.  She is a jewel, and we are so blessed to have her expertise within her very busy life and deep commitment to her family.


 rick Rick-  Audio/ Video Editor-  Rick is such a pleasure to work with as he patiently waits for Mr. Mark to set dates for recording, to stop laughing, and provide the needed information to complete a project.  He has recorded and edited over 100 podcasts, 100 video shoots, and answered endless questions about ways to complete a project.  Rick has been such an encouragement as we try to develop resources for Kid’s Ministry.  He serves faithfully in our church full time (which means all the time).  He is married to Bridgett, and they have two sons.


 kodi-2 Kodi- Finance Manager- Kodi has served at Mr. Mark’s Classroom the longest.  She has been one of Mr. Mark’s greatest supporters.  She donated countless hours for several years to support the mission and vision of providing helps in children’s ministry through MMC.  She was the original and only team member who scheduled posts, edited articles, scheduled speaking events and managed the finances.  As you can see, she is a dearly loved and trusted leader in MMC.  She has made so much happen and we are so grateful for all her work.  She is married to Zac, and they have two sweet dogs Oliver and Martha.


 wes Wes- Print Services/ Shipping / Social Media- Wes is our newest member of the team.  It became paramount to add a team member who could provide good customer service, shipping, and the printed items purchased to the customers more efficiently than before (Especially during the VBS season!).  Wes is working to become a Graphic Designer and will provide leadership in posting social media helps for Mr. Mark’s Classroom.  His leadership in print services will be greatly appreciated by all and will provide custom printing for banners and church decorations. 








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