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June 2 podcast

In this podcast episode, I discuss some leadership points every minister should be aware of and practice in their routine each day.  Look over the list and evaluate what you are doing well and what you need to improve.

  • I know my leadership is an extension of the Pastor. Children’s minister is not listed in the Bible.
  • I am supportive of other staff members and never jealous.
  • I speak of my loyalty for my pastor and support him to publicly.
  • I am attentive in staff meetings giving my attention and contributing as needed.
  • I am prepared for the events and week to week activities.
  • I care for my teammates and give affirmation for their good work.
  • I make my requests with details and not just big ideas.
  • I offer humor and laughter so conversations I have are not so serious all the time.
  • I avoid any drama and I don’t act like other people’s mama.

How did you measure up?  Listen to this short episode and discover some ideas for correcting and accomplishing the items listed here.    What are some things you are faced with that I didn’t list?




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