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This time last year I announced to our church that we are taking a mission trip to Poland with kids finishing first through fifth grade.  I asked families to come to an information meeting to get the details about the trip and begin praying about participating.  I was pleased that many people were interested.  I gave them an information sheet to breakdown the costs and dates.  Basically we were planning a Vacation Bible School each morning and a camp worship service each evening for one week.  These are the things we do well and it seemed obvious to take what we know best to share with kids across the globe.

One stipulation was made clear; each child had to have a parent or legal guardian to go with them.  We had wonderful missionary friends in Poland who coordinated everything and a total of four families made the trip.  In preparation for a great trip, we met each month to discuss details being made for the trip, practice our polish language, share facts about Poland, write our testimony and pray for participants just to mention a few.

Our trip was a total success and a highlight in each of our lives as we shared our week together. I hope you will consider taking kids on a mission trip, it really blessed them and the kids we met in Poland.  Simply repeat what you did in VBS, take the left over VBS supplies and it will be a hit.  By the way, we added an extra stop in our VBS called “American Holidays” since the children were so interested in American culture.  One of the things we did with the kids was a flag exchange activity.  See the instructions for it below. We plan to do this every third year- The Year of Service.  I hope you will be brave and plan an international mission trip too.  Have you taken kids on a mission trip?  Where did you go?

Flag Exchange

This is a great way to get the children at your church involved in an international mission trip that a group from your church is going on. Decide with the leader of the Mission Trip how many US flags they would like to carry with them to their foreign country. Prepare that number of blank American flags on a half sheet of paper. Ask children in your class to color the flags, and write a note on the back to whoever will receive it. Send the same number of blank flags of the country being visited with those going on the trip. Ask them to give the US flags to the children they will be meeting, and invite those children to color in their country’s flag, and write a note on the back to the American child. The team from your church will bring back flags for the children who sent US flags. Your children will get so excited waiting to receive their flags from children in another country! It’s a great opportunity for lifelong prayer commitment!


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