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Chicken Eating Corn

  • • Two dozen beans
  • • At least two children

This game is from China.

  1. A dozen beans are placed on the floor in front of each child.
  2. He cups his hands with the first two fingers placed against each other to represent the beak of a chicken.
  3. He then picks up the beans with the beak and lets them drop into the cupped hands, representing the bird’s stomach. The first to finish wins. This game could be played as relay game using fewer beans.

(From Royal Ambassador Campcraft).



  • At least 4 players

This game is from Japan.

  1. One child is “It”. He walks around the circle and taps another child on the shoulder, saying “Ohayo” (pronounced like the state Ohio), which means “Good Morning” in Japanese.
  2. Then “It” begins running around the circle. The one tapped runs around in the opposite direction.
  3. When the runners meet, they shake hands, bow from the waist three times, saying “Konichiwa!” (“koh-nee-chee-way”), which is “Good Evening!” They continue running to reach the vacant space.
  4. The one who fails to get there first becomes “It” and the game continues.


El Anillo En La Cuerda (The Ring on the String)

  • 5-15 players
  • Long piece of string
  • Ring, washer or nut

This game is from Colombia, South America.

  1. Children stand in a circle holding the string. They then place a ring on the string and tie the ends together.
  2. One child is chosen to be “It.” He stands in the middle of the circle.
  3.  “It” closes his eyes and the children start moving the ring along the string, from child to child. Each player moves his hands constantly, as if passing the ring.
  4. “It” is told to open his eyes and try to guess where the string is.
  5. If he is right, the child caught with the ring becomes “It.” If he is wrong, he must try again.

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