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This was made by Kim LeClaire from Great Bridge Baptist in Chesapeake, Virginia.


I decided to do things a little differently. This is what I made to use in my Map Room (missions). I replicated the image of the Communication Hub on the Super Duper Backdrop. The world map was a large bike box that I painted black. Then I enlarged a dot image of the world and poked holes in the box and dabbed the holes with blue paint. Then I added 2 strips of blue LED lights that way when the lights go off to watch the missions videos, this baby will glow. I also added a small amount of red lights so these areas can be highlighted. I made a Communications Ball out of 2 plastic strainers painted silver. I added red Christmas lights and red string. I will run the string to the red dots on the world map.

worldmaplight ball

I’m doing something completely different in the Communications room so stay tuned for that one (I think you might like it).

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