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Mother’s Day ideas can be included in the Sunday morning activities to involve boys and girls in celebrating God’s plan for mothers. Teachers should be sensitive to home situations. Some children may live with grandparents or other family members. A teacher’s conversation can include comments to relate to each child in the classroom.

Prepare a special Mother’s Day activity such as children making pocket-cards with a small bag of mints in the pocket. 

Supplies for Mother’s Day Cards:Illustration for Mother's Day Cards

  • construction paper, stapler
  • art supplies such as washable markers, colored pencils, and stickers
  • snack-size zip-lock bags
  • peppermint  candy, individually wrapped
  • self-adhesive  labels for words: Mints for Mother


1. Prior to the session, fold the paper with a crease at the bottom and staple each side to make a pocket-card. Prepare labels for bags—Mints for Mothers.

2. Display the supplies on a table. (See illustration.)

3. Describe plans to make Mother’s Day cards. Guide the children to use the art supplies to decorate the pocket-card.

4. Count about 7 mints for each child to place in a bag.

5. After the card is made, guide the child to drop the bag inside the pocket.

Teaching Tips

  • Say, “The Bible talks about mothers. God says to Love your mother  (Exodus 20:12).”
  •  Include grandmothers in your conversation.
  • Pray, thanking God for His love for families.

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