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Plan an art activity to encourage boys and girls to make a gift for their mother or grandmother.  Parents and grandparents enjoy a child’s art work. This activity involves a child in drawing on a sheet of white paper before turning the paper to see the other side. Help a child roll the paper with drawing inside, tie a ribbon around it, and then say: “Now you have a gift-wrapped picture.” 

Supplies for Making Gift-Wrapped Pictures for Mother’s Day:Illustration for Gift-Wrapped Picture

1. gift wrap paper (solid colors or realistic designs rather than fantasy and secular designs)

2. washable markers

3. ribbon or yarn

4. self-adhesive labels


1. Cut the gift wrap paper in 12-inch-by-18-inch pieces.

2. Lay the paper on the table with the white side on top.

3. Provide washable markers for drawing.

4. When a child finishes his drawing, turn the paper over to see the other  side. After the paper is rolled and tied, talk about the child having a gift- wrapped picture to give to his mother, grandmother, or another special mothers in his life at this holiday time.

6. Help the child use a label to make a gift tag to attach to the picture. (See  illustration.)

Teaching Tips

  • Remind boys and girls that giving gifts is a way to show love to others.
  • Open the Bible to John 15:17 and read “love one another.” Comment that Mother’s Day is a time to remember mothers, grandmothers, and others special mothers.

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