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Mother’s Day can be celebrated in your Sunday School class. Make plans to invite the mother of one of the children to visit during group time. Consider inviting the child’s grandmother to visit. Keep the visit as a surprise for the child.

Supplies for Mother’s Day Visit:

  • chairs for mother, child, and grandmother
  • signs for chairs
  • camera for photos (Note: The photos can be taken after group time.)
  • thank you notes


1.  Designate a time for the visitors to come to the classroom. Prepare signs for chairs. (See illustration.) Place chairs in the group time area.

2.  Plan to photograph child with her mother and grandmother.

3.  After the session, mail a thank you to mother and grandmother and include copies of photos.

Teaching Tips:

  • Talk to the children at the beginning of group time about plans for the visitors. Call attention to the chairs.
  • Guide children to talk about Mother’s Day.
  • Open the Bible and read Love your mother (Exodus 20:12).
  • When the visitors arrive, invite them to be seated, and then ask the child to sit with her mother and grandmother.
  • Ask the mother and grandmother to talk about things they enjoy doing with the child.

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