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Objective:  Make a picture of Joseph interpreting dreams where the word bubbles change as you pull a story strip woven through the paper.

Draw lines on cardstock dividing it into 4 equal sections.  In the first section, draw a cup bearer.  In the second, draw a baker.  Leave the third blank.  In the fourth, draw Joseph.  Above each character draw a large word bubble.  All the word bubbles should line up horizontally.  Now, make a strip of paper for each child making sure it is longer than the cardstock and narrow enough to slide through the word bubbles.  Cut the edges of each word bubble so the paper strip can be threaded to show through on the front side.  Thread in the strip and draw the cup bearers dream over the cup bearer and write Joseph’s interpretation over Joseph.  Move the strip and do the same for the baker.  When you pull the strip, it will appear each man speaks in turn!!


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