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If you do not have a Giant Game Floor Mat, consider buying one to use in a variety of ways with preschoolers. The Giant Game Floor Mat also includes a game book, bean bag, and spinner. The mat is not limited to the use on the floor. Four metal grommets across the top of the mat can be used to hang the mat on the wall.


  • Giant Game Floor Mat: LifeWay Christian Resources, Item 1114564 (can be ordered online or purchased at a LifeWay Christian Book Store.
  • Command Hooks® for hanging on the wall
  • 5-by-8-inch cards or paper, marker for printing names
  • gift bag


Game Idea—Name Game:

  1. Use 5-by-8-inch cards (or pieces of paper) to print names of children and teachers, one name on each card. Prepare a duplicate set of name cards.
  2. Place one set of name cards in the pockets on the mat. (See illustration.)
  3. Place the other set in a gift bag.

Teaching Tips:

  1.  Invite a child to reach in the bag and remove one card. Ask the child to find the matching name on the mat.
  2. Continue until all the name cards have been matched.
  3. Mention boys and girls who are absent. Identify new friends.
  4. Remind preschoolers that Jesus had friends (Luke 2:52). Say: The Bible says that Jesus prayed for His friends.” Pause to thank God for friends.

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