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ALLERGY ALERT, list all ingredients on a sign outside of the room to alert parents of the items the children may touch and smell.

  1. Collect leaves, tall grasses, small pebbles, and sand.
  2. Provide construction paper, scissors, and glue (glue sticks are not recommended).
  3. Pour a small amount of glue on a butter dish lid and place cotton swabs nearby to use as paint brushes to apply the glue to the paper.
  4. Place materials in containers on a table near a window.
  5. Print today’s Bible verse on the bottom of the paper.
  6. Invite children to select a paper, print their name on the top, and select leaves, grass, pebbles, and sand to create a design using the glue on their paper.

As they work, share the Bible story and read the Bible verse and encourage each child to say the verse with you.

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