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Preschoolers are curious. Teachers can encourage curiosity by providing experiences for boys and girls to see a variety of nature items. Some nature items are not safe for a child to touch, or the items might be too fragile to hold. Placing the items in a plastic jar allows a child to see the items. Add a magnifying glass in the jar lid to show a child how the size of the items increases.

Supplies for Magnifying Nature Jar*:

  • plastic peanut butter jar and lid
  • sharp knife
  • round magnifying glass (inexpensive kind that can be popped out of holder)
  • hot glue gun and glue stick

Cut a circle inside the lid, a little smaller than the round magnifying glass. Use hot glue to attach the magnifying glass inside the lid.

Note: This jar should be prepared by a teacher prior to the teaching time.

  1. Place nature items inside the jar; attach the lid. (See illustration.)
  2. Use nature items in the jar such as flowers, grass, seeds, rocks, and shells.

Preschoolers will not understand about magnifying something, but they will enjoy looking in the top of the jar and seeing that the item looks larger. A teacher can describe the nature item and talk about God making wonderful things to see. Comment: “Thank You, God, for flowers. Thank You for Ada Grace’s eyes to see the flowers.”

Teaching Tips:

  • As a child looks at an item in the jar, ask the child to tell you what she sees. Call attention to colors and other features of the item.
  • Invite a child to hold the jar, turn it, and look at the item from the sides and the top.
  • Use Bible verses such as: God made the flowers and God made the grass (Genesis 1:11).
  • Remind boys and girls that God is good to us (Psalm 73:1). Comment: “Someone read the Bible verse and wrote a song for us to sing.” Sing the song “God Is So Good.”

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