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Several have asked me about our Nerf Night.  I thought you might like to know how we played the games.  It was so much fun!  First game, we went to the gym and set up some tables on their sides as barriers to hide behind.  We played moms vs. sons and the goal was to have someone from the opposing team get past their opponents to touch the back wall without getting shot with the nerf dart.  We played a while then took a break for water and a cookie while I shared a quick devotional and prayed. 

 Next, I explained the Combat War games.  I divided the group in half with yellow headbands and blue headbands so you will know their teammates.  Moms and sons are on the same team and often stuck together.  Sent each group to different locations in the church then blew a whistle to begin.  The goal was to find the three stuffed animals hidden with the boundaries.  The team that found (and rescued) the most animals, wins.  Take a break and play again.   

If you were shot with a nerf dart, you had to lie on the floor and raise your hand and call for a medic.  Six of us played the role of medics wearing black aprons with a white tape cross on it.  We would rush to you and give you a single Smartie candy which would give your life back and you were back in the game.  Medics cannot be shot or the shooter will lose their gun.  Easy rule! 

Have lots of water and plan time at the end to pick up all the darts then return to the meeting room for the candy prizes for the winners and second place got the same thing.  Lots of fun!  Event details I used to promote the event. 

  • Mother/ Son- February 25 

Father/ Daughter- March 25  

  • Children in Grades K-5 
  • Cost: $15.00 per family (each event) 
  • Where: Quail Springs Baptist Church Fellowship Hall 
  • Time: 6:30- 9:00 pm  
  • Bring your awesome Nerf Guns (NO foam darts- Those are provided!) 


6:30 Pizza is served! 

7:00 Nerf wars in the gym!  Moms vs. Boys 

7:30 Break & Devo 

7:45 Combat Wars Game Rules & Teams (Photo) 

8:00 Save the Monkey!  Combat Wars 

8:50 Clean Up 

9:00 Dismiss 

Questions & Answers:       

  • Can I pay the $15.00 when I arrive?  No- You must register by midnight the day before the event.  Food and supplies will be purchased according to the number registered. 
  • Children must be in Grades K-5.  No children younger or older. 
  • No childcare is provided. 
  • What if I can only be there part of the time?  That’s fine.  Same price but let Mr. Mark know especially if you’re arriving late since the building will be locked. 
  • Can my child attend without a parent present?  Yes- But only if someone agrees to be the parent before the event begins.  Every child must have an adult present that has accepted responsibility for the child during the event. 
  • What if I register and pay but cannot come, is there a refund? No- That’s a headache! We know stuff happens but please text Mr. Mark (405-757-5580). We accept your donation- Thanks! 
  • What if medical attention is needed? There is a small First Aid Kit.  All emergencies will be taken care of by the parent.  Notify Mr. Mark in the case of an emergency, leaving the event, or calling an ambulance.   
  • What if I don’t have a Nerf gun?  You will not be able to defend yourself.   
  • What if my child or myself have food allergies and the menu doesn’t work for us?  Bring your own food.  There is a refrigerator and microwave available for use. 
  • Can my spouse send homemade cookies and treats? Yes!  We will like you more! 
  • What if I don’t have any experience with Nerf guns?  Not a problem!  No one will embarrass you much.  Everyone will cooperate to make sure you and your kiddo have a terrific experience together. 
  • What are the prizes for the winning teams? Too many questions!  They’re great prizes!  Relax! 
  • Do we have to leave at 9:00 pm?  Yes 
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