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Contents of Game:

Two archeology grids (connected along the top to saddle over a table that is sat up on its side).  Official rules and instructions. *Note: Small sticky-notes and notepad not included.

Game Preparation:

The easiest way to set up the game of Digging Up the Word is to sit facing your opponent with a table turned on its side or a chair with the game boards draped over and between the players. You should not be able to see your opponent’s hidden game board. Each player should write the words of a Bible verse or books contained in a division of the Bible onto small sticky-notes. Each player will hide all the words secretly somewhere on their archeology grid. Place the words three in a row or three in a column all three touching to help the game move faster.   Once all notes have been placed and each player announces that they are ready, the game begins. Do not change the position of your word notes during the game.

Object of the Game:

To become the winner you must obtain all the Bible verse words or books of the Bible division on your opponent’s grid before they obtain yours.  Once all your words are collected, be the first person to put them in order and read the verse.


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