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Many of you have seen our new addition of Safety Hooks  to have a place for the kids to hang their coats without being a hazard to poking kids in the head.  Here is our newest addition to the hall.  These are cubbies for kids to put Bibles, papers and stuff inside.

As our first and second graders meet for an hour of small group Bible study (Sunday School) then have the option to transition to a large-group children’s worship experience.  During their short walk from the classroom, the kids would place all the items in their arms on the ground narrowing the hall considerably.  I was a bit concerned the loose papers might be slippery to someone walking along.

We looked at several furniture stores in OKC but no success.  I found these at IKEA.  (Look in the office shelves.)  One unit is $139.00 which I thought was reasonable.  I did enlist some retired men to assemble them.  Everyone is thrilled to have the storage!

If you attend the Sharpen Conference here March 27 & 28, you can tour our facility and see our awesome resource room too!

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