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  • Blank Bottle caps (Minimum44)
  • Black Sharpie
  • New Testament division page for reference


  • Write partial New Testament Book names on bottle caps. (See Example of name splits below.)
  • Idea is that kids will find multiple bottle caps that combine to spell out each book of the New Testament. Most books are split into two bottle caps, some longer ones are split to three caps. 1 & 2 Books are combined in this example, but could also be split.
  • Once they’ve matched them, they can put the books in order, or split into New Testament Divisions.
  • Depending on age and level of kids, you could have them use the NT Division page included to look at, or they could use the Table of Contents page in a Bible to help them.

Example of Name Splits: ( 44Caps ) Mat-thew; Ma-rk; Lu-ke; Jo-hn; Ac-ts; Rom-ans; 1 & 2 Cori-nth-ians; Gala-tians; Eph-esians; Phili-ppians; Colo-ssians; 1 & 2 Thess-alo-nians; 1 & 2 Ti-mothy; Ti-tus; Phi-lemon; Heb-rews; Jam-es; 1 & 2 Pe-ter; 1 & 2 & 3 J-ohn; Ju-de; Reve-lation.

**Idea: Could be done with Old Testament too. Bottle caps can be bought in bulk online for much cheaper than in store

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