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A Bible-learning activity provides information to guide a child to understand what the Bible teaches. Planning an activity using numbers and words on blocks can enhance Bible teaching for preschoolers.

Plan an activity for the blocks center to make a connection to the Bible story God Gave Rules to the People, Exodus 19:1-6; 20:1-17. (Read to Me Bible for Kids, picture and Bible story, between pages 160-161).

Supplies for Letters and Numbers: Activity:

  • 10 wooden blocks
  • address labels



  1. Print numbers and words on the address labels to attach to the blocks. (See illustration)
  2. Hide the blocks on the shelves with other blocks.

Teaching Tips:

  • Open the Bible to Exodus 19 to introduce the Bible story.
  • Encourage boys and girls to find ten blocks with numbers and words for the rules (Ten Commandments).  After the ten blocks have been found, involve the preschoolers in putting the blocks in order, 1-10.
  • Ask a child to say a number. Read the rule printed on the block with the matching number. Continue reading the other rules.
  • Talk to preschoolers about God’s plans for people to obey the rules.

Numbers and words (Ten Commandments):

1. Do not worship anyone but God. God is the only God.;

2. Do not worship anything you have made.;

3. Always say God’s name in a respectful way.;

4. Work on six days. On the seventh day, rest and worship God.;

5. Honor and respect your mother and father.;

6. Do not kill anyone.;

7. Husbands and wives should keep their wedding promises.;

8. Do not take anything that belongs to someone else.;

9. Always tell the truth.;

10. Do not wish for things that belong to other people.

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