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Penny pic
What you will need:
• Pennies, one per child
• A copy of the meanings per child (optional)
Put it together:
What can a penny teach us about missions?
1. Give each child a penny.
2. Discuss the words and symbols found on each side:
• ONE CENT: a missionary is “one sent” to tell others about Jesus
• HEAD: We should learn about missions.
• E PLURIBUS UNUM: “many united into 1”- One penny alone can’t do much, but when we all cooperate together we can accomplish great things. We should give to missions.
• IN GOD WE TRUST: We should pray for missions and missionaries and trust God to use them to reach the world.
• UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Missions begins at home in our community, city, state and country.
• ROUND: The shape reminds us that we have been commissioned to take the Gospel to the whole world.
3. Remind the kids that even pennies that are old, tarnished and worn have value and purpose and can be still be used.
4. Encourage the children to keep the penny as a reminder that we should pray for missions, learn about missions, give to missions, and participate in mission activities.

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