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Let’s Meet UP! at Mike’s Ice-Cream

Are you in Nashville October 6-8th?  If you’re in the area, join ourTwo Young Boys (7-9) Eating Ice Cream Out of a Tub

“Meet UP!” on Wednesday, October 8th at Mike’s Ice-Cream on

Broadway.  Come and go from 8-9 PM.  Mr. Mark is buying you a

dip of ice-cream and giving away prizes.  Let’s “Meet UP!”


Check Out the New Stuff!

ap1Free Holiday Book– We have a new book series to be released

called “Ideas Gone Wild!” for Kids Ministry.  The first book to

roll out is our Holiday Edition available October 2014.  The

best news is… it’s FREE!  I will send all our current subscribers a

link to this free download so be watching.  Other books in this

series include: Learning Centers, Bible Skills, Kid’s Events,

Camp Activities and more to come.  Be sure to get your copy!

Idea Notebook
– Now available as a digital download (PDF).  You can download a copy for $14.97 with no shipping, compared to $21.99 printed copy.  See this and all the books, games and children’s toys in our on-line store.


New App for Mr. Mark’s Classroom

Now you can install this free app to find ideas using  your mobile device.  It’s faster and easier.  Look for it in the App Store and install it for FREE! 

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