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Well boys and girls, ever have one of them Dang it! Moments?  Just so ya know ‘ol Id’a ain’t perfect.  She posted the wrong preschool lesson last week on the hoarder and so whatcha know?  It’s there again this week!  Oh well, it’s keepin’ me humble…as if I don’t have enough to keep me humble…Anywhooo…You gotta read this weeks hoarder like it’s the first time!  But the big kids is brand spankin’ new and they are gonna have some great breath whilst doin’ their Bible skills (some of them teachers should probably partake a few of these too…just sayin’…coffee is NOT a breath mint in case you wuz cornfused).  Exciting things are on the forefront at Mr. Marks Classroom.  You do not want to miss a beat!  I mean it!  Well kids I gotta go…lick my wounds if you know what I mean.

Id’a  gonna be ok!

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