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Most of you know we adopted a son back in June.  I just had to brag about having another child.  We are up to five kids now so there is never a dull moment to say the least.  His name is Tatokain Dakota Jones, but we call him Tokain (sounds like Token).  That’s what he writes on his name tags at work and church.  He and Kaylie both moved out this year and they each live across town, but not too far apart.  They both still join us for lunch after church on Sundays most the time.  Free food is always a good calling card to get your kids to visit with you.  I usually eat slow. 

Tokain2 (3)

Tokain gives me all this lip about kids being a pain to deal with and how they should be seen and not heard.  He only does it to make me crazy.  I try not to let it show, but sometimes I get a little crossed eyed about it and that’s when Mom says, “Okay” and he stops. 

I think he is a little scared of her.  That’s okay.  We might need that in the future sometime.  I walked over to my wife’s class and found Tokain trying to calm this upset little boy.  It was working and I was taking this picture, so he couldn’t tell me he didn’t like kids.  Anyway, we met while he was working at a children’s camp for his second year.  That’s proof you like kids right there. 

Tokain3 (2)

Tokain had an internship with a youth ministry here in OKC.  The student pastor took his picture for me while he was teaching one night.  He told me God had called him to student ministry.  I believe in him more than he does himself.  He just needs a pastor that is willing to coach him as he begins his ministry wherever and whenever that is.  I know the pastor and student pastor of his home church stood by him when his mom died and discipled him faithfully after he accepted Christ.  Those men are heroes to me.  I know he wants to be just like them.  Me too. 

Tokain4 (2)

Breaking news!  Tokain is in love.  He is smitten!  He makes me smile so big when he talks about this beautiful lady, Erin.  He actually met the parents and family and has returned to spend Christmas Day with them.  I’m so happy for him (them).  She graduates from OU School of Nursing in May.  He is saving everything he can from his Wal-Mart job to be ready for whatever the future holds.  Looks pretty good from my vantage point.  So proud of this kid! 


Mr. Mark 

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