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Many of you know I used to run a Kid’s Camp before coming to Quail Springs… so you need to know, I’m all about camp!  Seems like the week goes by so fast!  Here are a couple of tips to remember when getting ready for camp:

  • Camper meeting a couple of weeks early so parents have time to plan and shop for needed items.
  • Sponsor meeting right before you leave so you can impart vital information about campers which will better equip your sponsors to help kids have a terrific time.
  • Check and double check all paperwork even if it makes you a bit late turning it in (like me).
  • Pack a Camp Rescue Tub for the girl’s cabin and for the boy’s cabin. Check out my inventory checklist!
  • When it’s time to leave, have pink tape for the handles of the girl’s luggage and blue tape for the handles of the boy’s luggage. It helps so much when unloading at the camp.
  • I know some churches provide string backpacks and water bottles for their campers but if you don’t, be sure you have bottles of water to issue each day so the kids stay hydrated.
  • Have a check-in table for campers to be sure you have all the paperwork and payments. Check for meds to be given and also for lice.  You will take that seriously the first time your cabin is infested or your child comes home with lice (That’s a testimony!).
  • Take lots of pictures to send parents and print to display. Save some for promoting camp next year too.
  • Be ready to reassure nervous parents and text them often so they don’t worry. Parents love to hear and see what is happening so send info and pics.  It builds trust and relationships with parents.
  • Be ready to send thank you notes to sponsors when you get home. It never hurts to run to Sonic and get their favorite drink while at camp.  I also give Sonic gift cards to camp staff members to show appreciation from our church.  It helps when people know you appreciate their work.


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