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I am a Preschool Division Director in Tulsa. I would like some help from current material if possible. We are getting ready to renovate our preschool area and I have heard from some staff there are thoughts about putting murals on the walls and some ideas I do not agree with. I have attended many conference’s at Glorieta and some at the state level. They have both always had the same ideas about a preschool room about the rooms being plain so the preschoolers learn more about the lesson. I have several books from conferences I have attended and printed some articles off the internet from LifeWay.


If you have anything at all current I would appreciate if you could lead me in the right direction or if I am wrong I want to make sure.  I am really excited about the renovation. We really need it for security and just for new carpet and tile.

Thank You


Dear Preschool Division Director—

Early education has not changed and preschoolers learn better in a classroom that is not cluttered or painted with grand large designs.  Often the room is scary to a preschoolers since they don’t have the life experience to know what this is.  It is simply overwhelming and distracting.  Often, it is over-stimulating for young learners and causes discipline issues during the session.  Many churches feel like murals will appeal to parents but it damages the teaching opportunity.  Please equip your classroom with clean, well maintained, classic furniture, floor coverings and wall paint.  I currently prefer the “Ambitious Amber” color at Sherwin Williams. Allow the teaching focus to have no competition. This picture is from my classroom.


Preschoolers are more impressed with the relationship they build with the teacher and others in her room.


Some churches have taken the approach of a colorful door or bulletin board next the door that is decorated regularly and welcoming.  Paint the hall a nice warm neutral color and hang framed black and white photos of kids.  This classic look will be more appealing than monster sized murals or cartoons of Bible characters (sends the message that people in the Bible are not real).


The message has not changed because the truth of preschoolers and how they learn has not changed.


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