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I have gotten questions from parents about guiding the behavior of their kids.  It seems like parenting helps are very much needed.  I have been reading and reflecting back on raising my own four kids.  They are not perfect but I’m thrilled they take care of themselves and are so respected among their peers.  I have been gathering great helps and information to create a terrific parenting seminar called, “Parenting is a Choice”.  I cover the following topics: Understanding the Seven Needs of my Child, Navigating through Outbursts and Tantrums, Discipline; Helping Kids Live with Their Choices, Dealing with Entitlements & Lack of Respect, and Guiding my Strong Willed Child. parenting 1

I have taught this seminar in my church and other churches to better prepare parents for the great work of raising their children in Christ. I will be at First Baptist Church Houston, Texas this Wednesday if you are in the area and want to join us.

You can schedule a parenting seminar in your church or purchase a copy of the DVD set at  We are currently filming the sessions so it will be a couple more weeks before I’m done.  Reply to this email with any questions or about booking a live parenting seminar in your church.

Your Friend,

Mr. Mark

PS- Don’t forget to register for the Sharpen Conference since tickets are limited and going fast. for details.

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