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Here are some recommendations I received from different Children’s Ministers.  Do you have any you recommend?


100 Ways to Help Your Chlid Walk with God (Reimer)
Becoming the Parent God Wants You To Be (Leman)
Birth Order (Leman)
Boundaries For Kids (Cloud/ Townsend)
Bringing Peace and Harmony to the Blended Family (Leman)
Bringing Up Kids without Tearing Them Down (Leman)
Choices Are Not Child’s Play (Holt, Ketterman)
Connect with Your Kids for a Lifetime (Boswell)
Effective Parenting in a Defective World (Chip Ingram)
Faith Begins at Home (Holmen)
Family Integrated Church (Fox)
First Time Mom (Leman)
Five Love Languages of Children  (Chapmen)
Five Signs of a Loving Family (Chapman)
Home Court Advantage (Leman)
Just Add Family (Bruner/ Bruner)
Kid CEO (Young)
Leading Your Child to Jesus (Staal)
Making Children Mind without Losing Yours (Leman)
No Greater Joy (Pearl)
Nurturing the Leader Within Your Child (Elmore)
Parenting in the Pew  (Castleman)
Parenting with Kingdom Purpose (Hemphill/ Ross)
Parenting with Love and Logic (Fay/ Funk)
Powerful Prayer for Every Family (Frizzell)
Raising A Modern-Day Joseph (AWANA)
Raising a Modern-Day Knight (Lewis)
Raising Kids for True Greatness Not Success (Kimmel)
RaisingDad(Rainer/ Rainer)
Revolutionary Parenting (Barna)
Rite of Passage Parenting (Moore)
Rock-Solid Parent (AWANA)
Simply Fun for Families (Ellis)
Single Parenting that Works (Leman)
The Blessing (Trent/ Smalley)
The Parent Adventure (Wilson/ Wilson)
The Parent You Want To Be (Parrott/ Parrott)
To Train Up a Child (Pearl)
Understanding Your Child’s Problems (Ketterman)
Value-Packed Parenting (Leman)
What a Difference a Daddy Makes (Leman)
When I go to Church (Henry)
When you feel like Screaming: Help for Frustrated Mothers (Holt / Ketterman)
You Can’t Make Me, But I can Be Persuaded (Tobais)

*These suggestions were made by the Children’s Ministers of Oklahoma.

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