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Pray for them.



Accept Their Child. Do not compare their child with another child. Be excited when you see their child. Know what is unique about their child.



Reach Out To Them. Find out what is happening in their lives. Find out what their family life is like. When a ministry opportunity arises, go for it. Organize ministry for the family—birth, death, hospital/ sickness, loss of job, etc.



Take A Walk In Their Shoes. Think about their day. Be ready to accept their child as soon as they get there. Know when they are returning so that you can have their child ready to go without delay.



Notify Them of REAL Issues—character flaws, excessive aggressiveness, when other children are injured. Actions beyond typical child-like behavior.


Encourage Them! Be aware of how you react. Help these parents get through life by being a source of encouragement.



Recognize Them and Their Family. Know the child’s name. Know the parents’ first names and say them. Know the rest of the family—other children, live in family members, the dog, the cat, the hamster and goldfish. Praying regularly for them will help you to better recall the names of the family members.


We create most of our problems by the way we act and treat others. If we intentionally partner with parents, we set up an environment that builds relationships to effectively impact the next generation by demonstrating God’s love.

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