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This game mat can provide a way to introduce patterning to preschoolers. Consider using colored paper plates for patterning with the game mat—primary colors blue, green, red, and yellow.

Patterning activities on Sunday morning are designed for guiding a child to explore matching colors and creating patterns with the colors. The activities can be expanded to include teaching Bible truths with verses and songs.

Supplies for Patterning for Giant Game Floor Mat:game mat

· Giant Game Floor Mat (LifeWay Christian Resources, Item 1114564)

· paper plates: blue, green, red, and yellow (20 in a package at dollar store)

· Command Hooks® to hang the mat on the wall—four holes are provided on one side of the mat; the mat can also be placed on the floor.

  1. Instructions:
    1. Hang the mat on the wall or lay on the floor.
    2. Stack the paper plates on a table in front of the mat on the wall or near the mat if used on the floor.
    3. Prepare the mat by starting a pattern with the colored plates in the first row such as blue, green, red, and yellow. Encourage a child to match the pattern in the second row. (See illustration.) The third row has a different pattern to match.
    4. Another way to involve the children in creating patterns with the game mat would be to start a pattern and let a child complete it

    Teaching Tips:

    • Enjoy being a teacher of preschool boys and girls who are curious and interested in doing new activities and learning new skills. Your role is not to teach the skill, but to use the skill to teach Bible truths. Your conversation can make a connection to the Bible story, verse, and song for the session.
    • Open the Bible to Psalm 139:14 and read You are wonderfully made. Comment: “God helps you do many things. Thank you for coming to church to learn about God’s plans for you.”

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