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Here’s a different spin on the penny offering contest:

What you will need:penny

  • One jug or bucket per team
  • An event or period of time for the contest
  • Lost of pennies!!

Put it together:

  1. Make a jug for each team.
  2. Have the team members put pennies into their jugs.
  3. Opposing teams can place silver coins into other team jugs in order to have those points count against them (a nickel is -5 points, a dime is -10 and so on).
  4. The team with the most “points” at the end, wins!

Other fun penny games:

  • Penny Pile: How many pennies can you stack before they topple over?
  • Penny Pace: Walk to the other side of the room with a penny on your foot. Put the penny in the bucket without using your hands.
  • Penny Pass: Kids secretly pass the penny around the circle. One child has to guess where the penny stopped.
  • Penny on a Plunger: Place the plunger in center of hula hoop. Balance a penny on the handle. Kids toss their pennies to try to knock the penny off the plunger handle.

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