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A metal pizza pan can be used in the home-living center with play dough or other kitchen items. The pan can also be used for a puzzle—magnetic or other. I decided to choose “other” for this puzzle tip. Puzzles are not limited to the manipulatives and puzzles learning center. Children can work puzzles in the home-living center and other places in the room.

Conversation about the Bible story can be included in a puzzle activity.

pic 1

Supplies for Pizza Pan Puzzle

  • metal pizza pan (available at dollar store)
  • large foam sheet (pizza dough-color), scissors
  • foam sheets in other colors
  • black permanent marker
  • shredded yellow paper


1. Make a paper pattern of the inside of the pizza pan. (Note: I placed the pan upside down on a copier to get the size and then used the copy to cut a pattern.)

2. For this puzzle, I cut a foam sheet to fit the pan, using a pizza-dough color.  Cut the round shape into pizza slices; print Bible verse words on the slices.

3. Use colored foam to cut shapes for items to add to the pizza such as meat and vegetables. Words can also be printed on the shapes. I used the verse We thank You, God (Psalm 75:1). On the round “meat” pieces I wrote words such as food, water, home, and family to talk about thanking God.

4. Sprinkle “cheese” on the pizza. (See picture.)

5. After making the pizza pan puzzle, put the pieces in bags.

Teaching Tips:

  • Guide a child to use the shapes and shredded paper to make a pizza puzzle.
  • Talk about the Bible verse and give children opportunities to name things for which they can thank God.

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