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Mother Son Event!

Written by Keith Badgett

Isn’t it funny when a five-foot tall mom looks up at her six-foot tall son and refers to him as her “little boy?”  Developing a strong bond with a son early can help set you on a path towards a meaningful relationship.  If you’re a mom, take these few suggestions and create a meaningful time with your “little boy.”


1) Put on your “little boy” glasses.  Try and see the world through your son’s eyes.  What are his interests?  If he had a free Saturday, what adventures would he want to discover?  Find out and join him there!

2) Introduce him to new things early. Focus on activities ending in “ing.” Jumping, swinging, shooting, and playing are all activities boys should learn to enjoy.  This can develop lifelong, bonding interests for both mom and son.

3) Physical touch reinforces your feelings.  Don’t take offense if your son seems wiggly and inattentive to your heartfelt monologue about how you feel towards him.  Reinforce your feelings with brief sentences, lots of hugs, fist bumps, high fives, and secret handshakes.

4) Make memories visible and memorable.  Carve your initials in a tree.  Create a picture frame and put a picture of the two of you in it.  Hang a painting on the wall you both helped complete. Build a monument together (Joshua 4:3-20).

5) Journal.  Write down both the big and small things you do with your boy.  What a great graduation or wedding day gift to revisit all those memorable times with mom!

Don’t be afraid to pull your hair back and get dirt under your fingernails in order to engage with your son.  Your “little boy” will thank you.


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