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Play dough is used often in a preschool classroom. Expand plans for play dough by considering ways play dough can be used in a child’s home.

  • Prepare copies of the play dough recipe for parents.
  • Make a personalized play dough board and a bag of play dough to deliver to a child at home.

Supplies for Play Dough Board:25

  • 12-by-18-inch piece of cardboard
  • scissors
  • paper/permanent marker
  • glue
  • strip of paper for child’s name and personalized Bible verse
  • clear contact plastic

Glue the paper on the cardboard.

1. Cut a strip of paper; print the child’s name and personalized Bible verse (Psalm 139:14) on the paper. Example: Kelby is wonderfully made.

2.    Cover the board with clear contact plastic.

3. Prepare a bag of play dough to include with the play dough board. Add a label for the child’s name. Consider including a roller for the play dough such as a piece of PVC pipe. (See photo.)

Outreach Tips:

Plan a time to visit a child in his home. When you give the child the play dough board, point to his name and the Bible verse words. Suggest that the child can use his play dough board for a place to roll and shape his play dough at home.

Consider times to visit a child to give him a play dough board and play dough:

  • first visit to home
  • new sibling in family
  • illness or following surgery
  • “crisis” in family—to provide activity for child
  • vacation time—to give child something to do during travel time

After making a “play dough visit,”  send a note to the child’s parent to express thanks for the time to visit in the home. Pray for the child and his family.

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