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Bill Emeott has been a source of friendship and inspiration to me for many years.  I had the pleasure of meeting him along the VBS training trail as I began teaching some decorating classes for the Rambling Road Trip theme. God really blessed me one day when Bill asked me to consider working at LifeWay in Nashville.  It was a thrill to join that team and Bill was our Lead Specialist.  I learned more from him than I ever would have imagined. 

Bill loves kids and has been faithfully serving kids in many ways.  He has a deep love for seeing teachers and ministers trained and equipped to do their best.  His stories come from his experiences in life and in the classroom and seem to connect the dots best for those he trains.  I still use some of the stories he has shared with me because they are so beautiful.   

He talked about the time Miss Fay, his Sunday School teacher, visited his home when his grandfather died.  She brought him some brownies and to say she was praying for him.  That is such a perfect example of the ministry of a Sunday School teacher and how it impacted a little boy’s life.  Now, he is impacting the lives of thousands of children. 

Recently, I heard Bill leading and training a group of children’s ministry leaders and you could just sense how much we all depended on him.  He seems to have this ability to know when things need to be more clear. He explains that he knows when the group is tired and provides relief.  He also knows how to be a friend that listens and cares.  Thank you Bill for being such an outstanding leader in our world of teaching and training others, so kids can know the Bible and know Jesus.  You are a hero to me and to so many others!  Keep up the great work you are doing! 


Your Friend, 

Mr. Mark 








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