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This very popular game from the game show, “The Price is Right” can be made into a plinkosmaller version for the church classroom. This picture comes from Emmanuel Baptist Church , Duncan OK. They used a smooth piece plywood (4×3 feet– create whatever size you prefer), attach a frame on three sides and supports on the back so the board stands with a slight angle. The game pictured has a base and fixed supports with wheels for mobility. Hinged supports will allow it to be stored easily. After it is painted, mark the places where the nails go. The spacing should be wider than the disk width. Off-set the nails for each line like a brick pattern. Paint the tops of the nails for added color.

Use flat canning lids as the disk to bounce between the nails on its way to the bottom. Weight the lids if needed. In the bottom tray place rewards, review questions, or point values for performing the Bible Skill.

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