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Here are ten tips for greeters. Remember, it is more than a handshake.

  1. Smile. Personal warmth. Look like you enjoy welcoming people.
  2. Fresh Breath. (Enough said)
  3. Make eye contact – Read their body language.
  4. Take initiative and speak to the guest.
  5. Don’t ask “Are you new?” or “Is this your first time?”
  6. Say,” I don’t think I’ve met you yet. I’m (insert your name here).”
  7. Don’t congregate with other greeters and share your frustrations (i.e. stairwells, behind the counter).
  8. Show guests around and be a tour guide. (Explain how the building is laid out – hallways, restrooms, age divisions.)
  9. Invite them to attend worship and Bible Study with you. (Talk about your family and what you like about this class or worship service. Explain what and who during class so the guests feel included.)
  10. Following up with an email will be terrific.


This post was originally shared in February 2016.


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