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Breaking the Pacifier Habit


We have a precious family in our church with three children and their littlest one is struggling with saying good-bye to the pacifier.  They have become dear friends.  One day mom asked a group of friends all serving on the same committee for their ideas and suggestions.  Seems like she has tried many things but no success.  It didn’t help that I campaigned for the child because I don’t want to see her sad.

I realized the error of my ways and decided I needed to be a help and not a hindrance.  I think being a hindrance must be a gift of mine.  Here are some ideas parents can consider when it’s time to part from the “Soothie”.

1. The parents and family need to work together.

It is so important that everyone be on the same team.  Have a family huddle and decide together how you are going to help and not waver on your decision when the crying is making you feel like a monster.

Round Up!  Gather all the Binkies.  Remember the three ‘C” locations when hunting: cars, cushions, & clothes.

Offer a cash reward for all pacifiers found.  Brothers and sisters with gladly set the baby’s feeling aside to cash in on this hunt.

2. Choose a date.

Check the Lunar Phases of the moon and when the moon is “in the knees going down” it will be your magi cal date.  Check the Farmers Almanac for the Lunar Phases each month.

Provide ceremony!  Gather at the trashcan that morning and invite the child to throw away all the pacifiers and/or bottles.  (Don’t keep one back.  You will use it and make this even harder for the child.)

Family Celebration should happen.  Celebrate how your child is growing and drinking from a cup and other milestones of being a big kid.  Reinforcing growth in a child is positive and needed for them to move for ward,

3. New experiences are needed.

Drinking from a cup and reminding them often how proud you are to see them doing this.

New routines at bedtime or naptime.  Involve tickling, reading books, drinks of water, singing songs and funny faces.

Be mindful to distract their attention with sounds you hear, texture of a blanket or scent sprayed on a pillow.

What would you recommend for parents trying to break the pacifier habit?

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