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An Inside Look at Bible Studies for Life

There has been some dismay swirling around the newly named product Bible Studies for Life from LifeWay Christian Resources.  I sat down and asked Jeff Land, Publishing Team Leader to explain what is happening and what we can expect in the future.  Jeff was quick to say that many new designed plans created to support the family did not provide the results for the classroom they were hoping for.  There are already design corrections in place for new issues being printed and even more ideas to support age appropriate classroom teaching, teacher helps and family connections to God’s Word.  For samples go to

I personally appreciate the risk Jeff and his team take so we can have creative and fresh ideas.  I know when I am being creative and trying new ideas, not every idea is awesome but most often I gain lots of knowledge that leads to awesome.  Thanks Jeff!  I appreciate your hard work and your team for seeking to create the best for my kid’s ministry.  I’m excited about the many choices you provide and the new things that are on the

This podcast will give you a peek at the possibilities with Bible Studies for Life.  Here are some of the new changes he described in the interview:

  • Bible story will again appear on the take home page.  Families can still have the conversation Picture1suggestions and Daily Bible Reading plan on a placemat.
  • Materials are available in print or digital delivery.  Everything is priced separately so churches can choose what they need or want.  Digital Leader’s Guide is only $2.00 each per quarter.  Prepare and teach from your iPad. (I love this idea!)
  • Activities are being improved and appraisers have been hired to read and give feedback for quality purposes.
  • Bible Skill activities are being written for each lesson to practice and equip kids.
  • Christmas will have a full month of Bible Studies for the holiday time.
  • Six week units with dates printed in the contents for easier ministry organization.
  • A code is provided in the cover of each Leader Guide for three free e-Anytime Bible Studies to supplement if needed.
  • Extra ideas and helps are available at
  • Covers of the curriculum will be more colorful and inviting.
  • Classic Teaching Pictures are available if a teacher would prefer that.
  • Coming Soon! Watch a quick video overview of this week’s lesson

I appreciate Jeff Land for taking the time to sit down and discuss this with me and the great care he has taken to answer our emails and resource us with helps.  I hope you will listen to the interview as he clearly explains all the great things that are ahead with Bible Studies for Life teaching materials.

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