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1. Recognize your limitations and don’t pretend you can know or do it all.

2. Can’t side with kids.  You need to know the whole story anyway.

3. Need to be on a first name basis.  Meet parents and work to build friendships with them.

4. Don’t always be the barriers of bad news.  Keep your complaining to yourself and try to encourage parents.

5. Help out parents as much as you can.  Provide a library to inform or bulk emails with helps or tips you have found.

6. Involve parents where you can (Classrooms, Events, Camps & Special Nights).

7. Keep parents informed (Newsletter, Phone Calls, Direct Mail).

Building relationships with kids profits your ministry and leads children to become lifelong followers of Jesus. Building relationships with parents impacts the life of their child and has a way of including parents in the ministry that will bless children for years to come.

What would you add to this list?

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