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Evaluate Your Classrooms Before Summer is Over!

I have to admit, I enjoy watching HGTV and the DIY channel.  I watch them build or remodel property and say to my wife, “We need to rip out the kitchen… It only takes 30 minutes.”  Instead we painted and installed some granite counter tops.  It took longer than 30 minutes.

What about your classrooms?  Over the summer you can make some needed changes.  I want to point out a simple strategy you can use to evaluate what needs to happen during June and July.  Use your SENSES!

1. Hearing– Pay attention and listen.  Do you hear the sounds of laughter and joy?  Plan now to train your workers in ways to enjoy children and foster laughter in the classroom.  What about you?  Do you enjoy people?  Talking and being available as they arrive might be the cheapest remodel and the most impactful to your ministry.  Set agoal to know all the names of your children and their parents.

2. Seeing–  What does your space look like?  Are the halls and classrooms uncluttered and clean?  Look at the baseboards and the Picture1corners?  So often we have looked at the space day after day and stopped noticing the needs.  Check for broken furniture, broken toys, over abundance of donations from members and holes in the walls?  You simply need to remove and repair these items.  Ask for volunteers to help make these improvements and possibly repaint and clean.

3. Smelling– I like to smell when children and teachers are cooking together and learning.  Do people walk in and smell an old closed up building?  If you have carpet, it may need to be cleaned.  Look for curtains that need to be cleans or washed.  These fabrics can be trapping smells we don’t want.  Add air fresheners with a fragrance that appeals to kids and change them when they are empty.

4. Touching–  Do you see teachers sitting with kids to read?  Welcoming children affectionately?  Do you put an arm around a parent dealing with trouble and be supportive.  Do you shake hands and welcome new families?

5. Tasting–  The people who attend your classes and have a good experience will most likely tell their friends.  The people that have an unpleasant experience, will most likely tell everyone.  Which tast do you want to leave in their mouth after they leave your children’s ministry?

See my new Photo Gallery of Children’s Spaces.  These are pictures I have taken during my travels.  I hope this will help as you consider ideas of what to do in your current space or at least get your creativity rolling.

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