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Do you ever wonder if you are serving just to do all the grunt work of enlisting workers and finding subs?  It can feel like Kid’s Ministry is just a thankless complaint department with no real meaning.  I have struggled with this too.  In this podcast, I want to discuss 11 steps away from the thankless scenario and into a vibrant ministry to kids and their families.  I share honestly what I’m doing today in my kid’s ministry and how it fits into the big picture.  It all begins with building relationships.  From your relationship with Jesus to your relationships with kids and parents, you are an agent of rescue and hope.

  1. Relationships
  2. Show your face
  3. Early planning
  4. Pray
  5. Play
  6. Know children develop spiritually
  7. Bible Application
  8. Stay current
  9. Free yourself
  10. You are the Jesus example
  11. Ask God to take care of you

 What other steps or ideas would you add?

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