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When I started at the church, there was this wonder senior adult man named Neil standing at his post faithfully every Sunday morning.  He always had a wonderful smile and said good morning to everyone with a handshake and a nod.  Sounds like the perfect greeter to me.  It is always terrific that someone is serving in their place on time and looking like they enjoy it.  The problem was soon discovered.  As I approached Neil for my greeting and handshake I asked him a question to which he replied, “What?” and turned his head so I could speak clearly into his ear.  He was unsure what I was yelling into his ear and simply replied with, “I don’t know.”  The happened to be his response to all questions. I knew there had to be a greeter partner who could hear or we were not going to make a good impression on our visitors and families entering our children’s division. 

In this episode I discuss my greeter training and give you 10 tips that every greeter must know.  I also attached my training sheet created for the meeting if you would like to use it.Enlist more people to be greeters and train them so they can be terrific.

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