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Why Develop Bible Skills?

Helping kids gain Bible skills is an important part of your ministry.  I have noticed so many adults pulling out their phones and Picture1iPads for Bible reading at church.  Skills developed as children can extend into adulthood and become second nature.  Bible Skills can be lots of fun!  Use the following Suggestions to help children learn to use their Bibles.

  • Begin at each child’s individual skill level, regardless of their age.
  • Explain the purpose of the scripture reference.  Help them understand the numbers on a page.
  • Start with simple tasks.  Allow the children to be become comfortable before moving to the next skill challenge.
  • Offer a variety of activities that allow children to succeed and have hand-son experiences.  Games and other activities provide a “safe” place to practice Bible skills.
  • Provide regular practice of Bible skills during all classes the child attends.  Always giving the opportunity to use their Bible.


  • Relay Racing to put the Books of the Bible or Bible verse in order.
  • Ping Pong ball with the books of the Bible to carry in a spoon to the correct location
  • Flash cards with book names separated on five different chairs labeled by divisions.
  • Cut up a swim noodle, write the books of a Testament and allow kids to thread them together in order.
  • White tube socks with the words or phrase from a verse.  Place the sock on your arm and everyone gets in order.  Use washable markers so the socks can be washed and used again with a different verse.
  • Beach ball spinner.  Inflate and write: Reference, Before and After, completion, key passage and free choice.  Throw the ball to a child and where his right thumb is touching is the category of his question.
  • Go to and see The New Testament Game.  Comes with a dozen ways to play from solo to full class participation.  For the instruction sheet to the game and all the ideas, click here.
  • Other games coming soon include: Old Testament, Hop Around Mat, and Dig in the Word (Like Battleship)

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How to Play the New Testament Game

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