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A Dozen Practices to Kill Your Ministry Leadership

Kid’s Ministry can cause you many stresses and sometimes the only thing left to do is cry (or eat).  By the way– Crying is fine.  Many of the stresses we have are due to others’ choices but what about your own choices?  Here are a few actions that every person should avoid to prevent unneeded stress.


1. Every time a parent makes a request, smile and say, “I’ll take care of it.” Don’t write it down.  Completely forget the request as soon as possible.  Never mention it again.  If the parent brings it up, act confused and puzzled.

2. Forget ratios of student and teachers– the more the merrier!

3. Work longer hours and burn 25% of your income.

4. Avoid anything new.  Any excuse will do.

5. Give advice freely, especially on topics you know nothing about.  The stress you add to the lives of others will come back to you threefold.

6. Add at least three items to your to-do list for each task you complete.

7. Be late everywhere you go.

8. Expect perfection from everyone you come in contact with– especially yourself!

9. Don’t let emotional wounds heal– pick away the scab every chance you get.  Adopt a “Let it fester!” policy.

10. Quit sleeping, give up exercise and eat anything you want.

11. Make time with your spouse every day to doubt, shout and pout.

12. Let the phone ring 20 times before answering.  If it is a parent, pretend you got disconnected.

Adapted from Finding Your Smile Again: a Child Care Professionals Guide to Reducing Stress and Avoiding Burnout, by Jeff A. Johnson, Redleaf Press, 2007

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