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By Andrea Hopgood







Define Change

  1. Identify change we control
  2. Identify change out of our control
  3. Share personal story

Communicate vision clearly

  1. Define the problem
  2. Offer a solution
  3. Present a reason

Create a communication cascade

  1. Team
  2. Leaders
  3. Volunteer Team
  4. Parents

Communication cascade

  1. Honor the past
  2. State the problem
  3. Present new solution

Managing the transition

Three phase process

  • The ending
  1. Time to process and let go
  2. Reality as a leader is farther ahead
  • The Neutral Zone
  1. Not what you were & Not what you’re going to be
  2. Moses had a 40 year neutral zone
  3. Hardest place to lead
  4. Don’t ignore relational tension
  5. Lead with strength and courage
  • New Beginning

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