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I am so glad to introduce you to a wonderful man in kids’ ministry who has invested his life in children and parents alike.  I had the privilege to talk with Jim and learn more about his new book:

Parenting Unchained: Overcoming the Ten Deceptions That Shackle Christian Parents

Dr. Jim Dempsey is a national presenter and Family Ministry Consultant for the National Center for Biblical Parenting. He told me, “The beliefs your children adopt will one day determine their outward actions.”  I am so impressed with his practical helps of guiding your child’s heart opposed to the popular notion of guiding behavior.  I recommend his wonderful book and suggest that we all consider reading through it with parents and discussing these values he teaches.  I know you will enjoy this interview on the podcast.  Here is a listening guide to help.  Below you will find contact information to get a book.  Enjoy the interview with Dr. Jim Dempsey.

Listening Guide

  1. You say that parents often focus on the wrong things in parenting. What do we get wrong and why?
  2. What did you get right, or wrong, as a parent with your own children?
  3. You say our tendency as parents is to see what’s wrong with our children but forget our own imperfections. What role does our own character play?
  4. Parents are spending less time with their children than parents of a century ago. What’s the fallout from this?
  5. What do you mean by spending time with our children in activities with a “shared presence?”
  6. Talk to us about “outsourcing parenting.” How is this unhealthy?
  7. You say that one of the topics that attract the biggest crowds is how parents can get their children to behave. Is there anything wrong with this?
  8. Why do you say the reasons for obedience are bigger than the methods we use to achieve it?
  9. You say that children need relationship with us before they have rules. Why?
  10. In what ways do you think personal freedom has blinded us?
  11. Tell us what you did to your daughter when she told you she wanted to see a questionable movie?
  12. You say that nothing should come between us and our duty to raise godly children. This isn’t always so easy. Any advice?
  13. Once our children reach their teens you say the Bible has some guidance based on Jesus’s work with His disciples. First, how do you get that from Jesus’s teaching, and what guidance does He have for parents of teens?
  14. Why do you feel that an over-emphasis on consistency in parenting can actually be a negative thing?
  15. You say it is unwise for parents to try and make their children’s life easy. What do you mean?

Be sure to check out Dr. Jim’s radio show Parenting Unchained, aired M-Sat. at 11:30 am and 7:30 pm at or

To purchase a book


Dr. Jim Dempsey’s Website:

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