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In a world with technology is better and more sophisticated than ever before, communication is still our most difficult barrier to overcome in the church.  I have three different devices to get email, tweets, notifications and even voice conversations and so do most people in my ministry.  Then why do people still say, “We didn’t know.”  (Makes me want to pull out my last remaining six hairs.)  How can we communicate information if people don’t pay attention?  Does it make you wanna smack ‘em! 

What I have discovered is God works through relationships.  He doesn’t write it in the sky or send an email.  He works through you and me.  So it makes perfect sense that Satan also works through relationships in effort to interrupt what God is doing.  Communication is a huge part of building relationships and when that is broken, our progress is slowed.  Seems we have to invest lots of time just getting the word out. 

In this episode I will cover many ideas for getting the word out and supporting the focus in our ministry to kids and their families.  There is an idea for each letter of the alphabet. Our community of ministers can really learn from each other. 

What other ideas would say work too? 

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