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Relating to Parents

Why would church leadership limit the participation of parents in the children’s ministry?  Maybe there has been a difficult parent or psycho mom or dadme through the years that hurt the leader or the church.  Try to work through that fear and open the door for ministry to parents.  It starts with how you relate to parents.

The strength of our ministry hinges on the parents of our kids.  Think about it!  Parents are most often our teachers, sponsors, hosts, personal encouragement, and they bring their children to church and events.  If the parents are on board, the kids will most likely be there.

I challenge you to consider your ministry to parents and support their spiritual growth.  Remember you are a minister to everyone, not just kids.  If you see growing, active parents with a commitment to Christ, give them some affirmation.  Your encouragement will spur them on for even greater things.  The opposite is true too.  I see kids with little to no spiritual guidance.  They often speak of inappropriate things they have been exposed to as well.  We need to reach past the kids and support the parents.  Here are a few ways  do that.

Learn the parent’s names

Provide a “Parent’s Information Meeting” periodically

Send a monthly email– Parent Update

Involve parents in your ministry as teachers, drivers, sponsors, greeters, etc.

Provide seminars for parents with guest speakers

Conduct Family Nights

Plan an annual family camp or retreat

Organize a “Mother’s Tea” or “Dad’s Breakfast”

Provide resources for parents like books or websites

Help kids understand their parents

Let kids provide a “Parent’s Appreciation Banquet”

Have a parent’s panel for a kids’ lesson

Provide parent/child teaching, recreation & fellowship

Develop a parenting library

Organize parent prayer partners

Use parent permission slips

Above all— Communicate!

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