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What’s New: Secret Code Birthday Card

Write a “Top Secret” birthday message.  See the printable version attached.  Write a message inside using a white crayon so it will be invisible.  Send the card in a padded envelope with the words “TOP SECRET” on the front.  Be sure to include a small set of watercolor paints for the child to use when revealing the message you wrote.

What’s True: 

Making VBS the Evangelistic Flagship Event for your Church

Tips for a successful and reaching VBSJerry

  • Plan early by reserving dates and rooms. 
  • Start early enough to dream with other leaders that see the value of VBS.
  • Meet with other leaders, VBS directors and ministers that have the same passion about VBS and share ideas and ultimately resources. Dream big then consider how we can make this reality.
  • Agency D3 is the 2014 theme.  Provides evangelism beginning day one.  Kids, teens and adults will investigate the events that center around the life of Jesus.  Learners will also be equipped with the biblical information to stand strong in their faith.
  • Daily themes: Is Jesus Really God’s Son?, Was Jesus More than just a Good Man?, Was Jesus’s Death Real?, Is Jesus Alive?, What do I do with the Evidence about Jesus?

Three Steps for Leading VBS

Step 1 Determine the purpose of your church’s VBS?  Discuss with this team and know your purpose.  Ask the pastor what he would like to see.  The goal is for everyone to be on the same page.

Step 2 Find the VBS theme and materials that fits your purpose.

Step 3 Begin planning with the end in mind.  Know your goal so everyone can have the same focus.

What about follow-up?

  • Changing follow-up to continued connections.
  • We don’t need more materials about follow-up.  We need a heart change.
  • Can we implement sincere contacts to those who attend?  Move beyond just a postcard.  How can you show that you care?
  • Treat new people like you would treat your best friend.  Get to know them.
  • Make at least one Connection Group for the parents of the kids that attend VBS.  Begin Sunday morning with the new Bible study group that begin with basic biblical learning..
  • Building bridges to the spiritual orphan.

What to Do: Snow Ice-Cream (recipe posted)

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