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What must a child know, do, feel and believe about salvation?

Explaining the plan of salvation is not usually the issue for adults.  The problem is trying to discern if the child is following and determining if the child is ready or not.  Honestly, no one likes being the judge and everyone wants the child to accept Christ.  Here are four things to watch for when counseling a child for salvation.

1. What must a child know?

Sin separates us from God

Jesus is sinless, God’s Son, death on the cross and raised again to life

2. What must a child do?

Confess he is a sinner

Ask for forgiveness from sin

Desire to make Jesus Lord of his life (The boss of his life)

3. What must a child feel?

Sadness, comes from a humility and desire to be forgiven

There may not be tears but rather an eagerness to make this right

4. What must a child believe?

The Bible is true

Jesus is God’s son

They need a Savior

Jesus died and was resurrected

Jesus saves you not baptism

We are people of formulas because we want things to be clean and know we have completed them correctly.  That might be true when we deal with children or people.  We must be sensitive to where the child is on their journey with God.  It may require meeting several times to allow the child to process the information.  We can depend on the Holy Spirit to make all things clear to us and to the child.  Relax.  God has everything under control.  This is all up to Him.  Just be faithful.

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