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Linda Ranson Jacobs is one of the forefront leaders in the areas of children and divorce and single-parent family needs. Having been both divorced and widowed, Linda was a single mom who learned firsthand the emotional and support needs of broken families, and she developed a passion to help hurting families. As a children’s ministry director, children’s program developer, speaker, author, trainer, and therapeutic child care center owner, Linda has assisted countless single-parent families and their children.

In 2004, Linda created and developed the DivorceCare for Kids program, a biblically based, Christ-centered ministry tool designed to bring healing, comfort, and coping and communication skills to children of divorce. Local churches use this lay-led,  13-week program to launch a children’s divorce recovery ministry in their church and community.

For eight years she served as the DC4K Executive Director and is now the DC4K Ambassador. She spreads the word about DC4K and teaches ministry leaders how to create a family-friendly church for single parents and their kids, and how to help children who have challenging behaviors. She contributes to many blogs and periodicals, including DivorceMinistry4Kids, Relevant Children’s Ministry,, CMConnect Radio, and K! Magazine.

Linda and her husband, Bruce, live in sunny Florida and have ten grandchildren. When she’s not busy with her passion for helping single-parent families and children, you might catch her gardening, playing the piano, or walking along the beach gathering seashells. She also has a collection of teapots from different places, and she enjoys making flower arrangements to give away. And Linda loves going to church!

Steps to Take When Reaching and Teaching Kids of Divorce

  • Try to assess what is causing the excessive energy and the “can’t sit still” syndrome.
  • Next be the adult in charge of the situation.
  • Some children may need for you to tell them what needs to happen.

Be careful how you approach these children.

  • Children don’t need your pity.
  • They need your empathy.
  • They need boundaries.
  • They need structure within the confines of a loving environment.
  • They need for you to be an adult they can depend upon and trust.
  • They need for you to give them dignity. Kids deserve their dignity and too many adults in their lives have taken their dignity away.
  • They need to be able to count on you, the adult, to be in charge, to be the leader, to be in control at DC4K, not controlling but in control.

Children are living messages we send to a time we will not see….. What messages are you sending to the future.

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